American symbols are recognized the world over. The Statue of Liberty, the White House, and the Bald Eagle are just some of the iconic images that may come to mind when students think of the United States of America (also known as the US or America). The U.S. is the third most populous country in the world. U.S culture is independence. The USA has an advanced education system that differs from other countries.

Why Study in USA
For international students, the US education system offers world-renowned educational opportunities of all shapes and sizes. Students can choose from a variety of excellent education institutions in cities and towns across the country. They can experience American college life in a nation that is known for its ethnic and geographic diversity, while discovering the sights, sounds, and tastes of the US.
Among the top 200 Universities from the world nearly 50 are based in the USA. Applying for the course is flexible for a variety of Science and Technology research courses. There will be dynamic campus life, respective teaching background, and better work opportunities

Education System
The US Education System is more flexible than other countries in the world, where students can choose and study their course interested profession. Across the world and for many years, students and parents have recognized the benefits of obtaining a US education.
The best accredited US programs at every level offer an approach to education that encourages students to develop their own capacity and passion for learning with the support of cutting-edge instructional resources and facilities. Graduates of such programs emerge not only with job-ready skills, but also with a foundation for learning and success that serves them their whole lifetimes.
The hallmark of the US education system is: Quality, Variety, Student-centered, Well-rounded. The Structure of the Education System are: Preschool and Kindergarten,Elementary (Primary) and High School (Secondary School). Basic Programs offered by US colleges and Universities are:
● Community Colleges (previously known as Junior Colleges)
● Undergraduate (Bachelors) at college and University
● Master’s Degrees at college and University
● Doctoral Degrees at a University

Cost of Education
In the USA Cost of Education depends upon the Level of Study (Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral) and the type of Institution you choose (Private, Public). International students will get scholarships. The tuition fees will range from $10000 - $50000 for undergraduate and range from $10000 - $30000 for postgraduate students. After the graduation students can apply for Optional Practical Training this will lead them to take work for 1-3 years.
Admission process will start earlier so it is highly recommended to apply earlier as possible. Application can be initiated during your final year of previous course
Our expertise will guide you with all procedures such as Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, filling up the forms as per the university requirements.

Cost of Living
Most of the universities in the US offer on campus residence for International students and it is affordable. You can choose off campus residence by sharing apartments with friends or homestay with local families. The accommodation cost will vary depending on the residence, location you choose, mostly ranges between $5000 to $ 14000 per year.
Students can work 20hours per week during the first year on campus, and in the second year they can go for a part-time job or off campus to fulfil their financial requirements.

Visa Process
The Student visa you need will depend on the age and type of study you choose in the US. The foremost step in the visa process is getting admission from the Schools/University. Once you receive an offer/acceptance letter from the US institution, you can apply for a visa. Documents required are Passport should be valid 6 months over the period of stay in the US, Acceptance letter from schools/university, visa application form, Photograph, Academic transcripts, Evidence for funds, Bank statement.

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