Student Visa Guidance

The rigorous process of applying for a student visa can most times be discouraging. Applying for a study permit abroad can often take more time than normal, and that where Dolphin Education steps in with the provision of professional counselors who will provide verbal and other logistical assistance. We assist students with the entire visa process by compiling financial statements and filling up online application forms and also provide adequate coaching and guidance to get them ready for interviews and other rigorous tests.
We ensure students navigate through the entire process safe and secure; by helping them overcome about 99% of the whole process that is confusing. Some countries provide online-based study visas while others have a paper-based visa.

With Dolphin Education you have nothing to fear, as our trusted and professional counselors are always ready and willing to help you draft out a suitable study plan; form the guidance they receive from consulates around the world as relating to visa rules and documentation.

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