Pre Departure Guidance

Studying abroad is accompanied by tons of challenges and rewards; as to this effect, we set up a pre-departure event to make this easy for Indian students. The pre-departure guidance event is provided with a proper understanding of the various expected life that student will witness abroad. The event creates the right platform for a one-on-one conversation with students and their guidance, who will be visiting the same destination. At the course of the event, students are given the opportunity also to have one-on-one conversations with our agents who are willing to offer assistance with insurance, travel, foreign exchange, mobile service and a lot more. Students that recently graduated or still studying abroad are availed the opportunity to share their views and experiences, to allow aspiring students to know more about the climatic factor, geographical conditions, and cultural differences in a new environment.

Travel assistance
While getting ready to study abroad, it is important to get prepared the right way, as the adage goes; poor preparation equals poor performance. It is highly essential to get yourself on the right track by estimating the most effective route. Couple with our years of experience, we at Dolphin Education consultancy understand the reluctance of students who are required to travel alone. We have put in place sub-modalities that will alert students on all the required steps that they will get involved in, from the moment they receive their admission letter till when they are assigned accommodation. We make further provision with flight bookings to allow a reasonable amount of discount, routes and appropriate departure dates. Our counselors are updated with the right information to guide students on the right airline for bulky luggage.

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