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Here is the good news for you if you are willing to study in the UK!
The UK Government has announced new Tier 4 visa routes for international students which will be in effect from October 5.
YES!!! Now you can work after your studies in the UK. The process is much simpler now.
Let's look into the details of this new Tier 4 student visa route

The UK Government has announced the new streamlined Tier 4 Student visa route on September 10th. This will come to effect from October 5.
With this new Student route visa, an applicant should secure a total of 70 points. With this new streamlined visa route, students can apply for a visa up to 6 months before their course starts.
This new student visa route applied to all the international students irrespective of where they come from. Want to know more about the point-based system? Let us see about the Tier 4 student visa in detail.


This visa can be classified into two types:
. Tier 4 Child Student visa – students between 4 to 16 years of age
. Tier 4 General Student visa – students who are more than 16 years old
Let us see what are the requirements for a student to get a Tier 4 General student visa to study bachelor’s or masters in the UK.
• International students with the age of 16 years or more who wish to enroll for studies in the UK can apply in this visa route.
• Earn a total of 40 points
* 30 points for having Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
* 10 points for fund maintenance
• Demonstrate English Language understanding – through interview or exams
• Secure place in any of the universities in the UK that is a licensed sponsor of Tier 4 candidates.


Below are the highlights for the new simplified Tier 4 student visa route:
· The new Tier 4 student visa route will be open to the international students from 5th October.
· Students need a total of 70 points which are non-tradeable to satisfy the visa rules. This can be secured by meeting the below requirements:
*Offer letter from approved UK Universities
*English Language
*Fund maintenance to support themselves while in the UK
· This new student visa route is applicable for the students who apply after October 5.
· The level of English required to secure a place in the university will remain the same as per the current Tier 4 visa. This may vary based on the student’s choice of university.
· Students can apply for 6 months (previously 3 months) before their course commences.
· No need to resubmit the proof of their academic qualifications along with their visa application.
· There will be no limit to the number of international students who come to the UK under this visa route.
· Simplified visa route is applicable to all the international students including those from European nations who come to study after the end of the transition period.


• New student route improves on the prior Tier 4 visa making it more streamlined for the UK universities and their students.
• A clear pathway is created for the students, ensuring that the UK remains competitive in the world education market.
• Non-European students will enjoy the same benefits as European students due to the change of rules.
• No visa limitation in Tier 4 provides an opportunity for a large number of students.
• The simplified application process makes it easy for students who apply to study in the UK.